Mountain Movers Unit

Megan Wilkes 
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Updated 5/2/20

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-- April Unit  Goals  --

Monthly Wholesale Goal
Monthly Wholesale In...
 New Team Member Goal
 New Team Members In...

Welcome New Team Members

 Ashley Bauer - MaryLei Payne
Peyton Belton - Taylor Baise
Tyisha Cobb - Megan Wilkes
Hannah Contreras - Megan Wilkes
Bridget Cook - Megan Wilkes
Rachel Crawford - Christina Pott
Shanna Fields - Emma Oakes
Elizabeth Hall - Anastasia Moore
Grainne Hanks - Kacie Gerrells
Cassidy McBride - Taylor Baise
Kristen Norris - Michelle Haak
Breanna Schweichler - Mary Williams
Bridget Simmerman - Anastasia Moore
Hattie Stone - MaryLei Payne
Amanda Talbott - MaryLei Payne
Lauren Wagner - Megan Wilkes
Casey Willis - Candace Doige
Mollie Worsham - MaryLei Payne
LeAnn Yeatts - Megan Wilkes

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